Monday, June 29, 2009

Finally back to normal life!

Yes, I realize it has been over a month since I've blogged and e-mailed many of my friends. To those who wondered or cared what happened, it's called life with two toddlers and a husband! We've had a crazy last month with the children and I having a bout with strep throat, Bible school, preparing corn and purple hull peas for the freezer and all the normal mommy duties.

I broke down and bought a new pair of running shoes about 3 weeks ago, but just recently got to break them in. I gave up my trusty new balances and moved into the more elite world of Brooks running shoes based on the advice of the salesman (who is also an avid Brooks enthusiast) at Sports and Co. Today's run in the new shoes was so -so. I only got one blister, so I can't complain too much.

I started my morning with a 5:30AM run in the country. I verified what I thought to be true - that a country mile is surely at least twice as long as a mile in town. There was little to distract me from the mosquitoes, heat, humidity and fear of a strange dog attacking at any moment. I listened to my tunes and made sure my trusty dog Target was close by. The only traffic I encountered was a grain truck. I did manage to pick-up a stray dog along the way, so now we have a border collie which happens to be a great cow dog. I loaded my little boy on the 4-wheeler and returned the puppy to what I thougth was its home, but found out I was mistaken, so the little thing followed me home again. The kids are exited to have a new friend!

Here's a funny from my little angel. As most moms know it is important to keep a regular check on your child's poop, so I wasn't really surprised when Tara came to tell me that I needed to come to the bathroom to see her production. I was surprised when she exclaimed "it looks like a dragon!" Hurridly, I made my way to the bathroom b/c this I had to see. Sure enough, my little darling had discovered what many professional and novice researchers have been unable to - she found the Lochness Monster. I kid you not, Tara's poop looked exaclty like this allusive beast! Who would've thought something like this could happen in Goodwill? The imagination of childen never ceases to amaze me!

All for now. I've go a lot of online shopping to do while my internet is cooperating.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What in the world?

Yesterday evening I was relaxing before bedtime and read a couple of chapters in the book Women Who Run. The first couple of stories that I read were pretty inspirational, and then I was shocked/ horrified as I started to read another chapter. This chapter was about a "trans-gender" runner who was previously a male and changed to a female!

I could not believe that a book about women runners would have a chapter like this sandwiched in between stories about women who had used running to triumph in life! I only read the first paragraph before getting sick at my stomach and moving on to another chapter.

To change the subject, here is my funny toddler quote of the day. After counting to twenty with my 3 year-old, I asked her what was her favorite number and she replied "Well of course, it is my telephone number!"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back Pain!

I enjoyed a relaxing, easy three mile run Friday afternoon, but haven't hit the pavement since due to an intense lower back pain. Today's plan is to visit the chiro. to get some much needed adjustment/intervention. Hopefully, all will be well for a run on Tuesday.

I've been reading a new book entitled Women Who Run. It is a collection of stories about women from all walks (I mean runs) of life and their motivations to run. I've learned a lot about ladies who pioneered the world of running for women, especially at marathon distance events. Some of the stories are really motivational. It is surely a recommended read to any running enthusiast.