Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nothing like a little motivation....

Yesterday evening after I ran 3 miles and rode my bike for about 3 1/2 miles, I decided to attempt some dreaded abdominal work. As I lay on the floor struggling to complete my second set of crunches, my dear little boy said "mommy, what are you doing?" I told him that I was exercising to get rid of my fat belly. He got down on the floor so that my stomach was at his eye level and proceeded to tell me that "yes mommy, you do have a fat belly, you do!" Only he could get away with saying that. I hate to think what would happen if it his been his father who uttered those piercing, but true words!!!

This isn't the first time that Baz has interjected his opinion while I was (as my children say) "taking exercises." One of my favorite workout videos is a Cindy Crawford workout that I used a lot during my high school days. I was trying out the dvd version recently when my children decided to pull their lawn chairs into the living room and watch. After viewing my attempts to emulate Miss Crawford, Baz said in such a sweet and innocent voice "mommy, I want you to look like her". I told him that I bet his daddy wished I looked like her too!

Sometimes pure honesty is refreshing, but sometimes it is not, even if it is from a three year-old!