Monday, July 20, 2009

Somewhere in Arkansas

The following story is true, with no fabrications: I am writing this blog as I sit in the parking lot at some former roadside attraction with bar-b-q and old train cars that you can rent as
"cabins" for the night! Lee is shopping in the souvenir shop while I sit in the car with the children so they can "finish out" their naps before we take a scenic horseback trail ride over looking the Lake Ouachita. Vacation sure is different with toddlers, especially in Arkansas.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Funny Kids!

My two children have some very interesting conversations in the backseat as we travel down the road. Sometimes I have to try really hard to keep from running off the road because I laugh so hard. The following is an excerpt from two of their common heated discussions:

Baz - Daddy is at work. Tara - No, Daddy is working. Baz- No, Daddy is at work. Tara - No, daddy is working! Etc., Etc. Etc. They greatly disagree on the concept of "at work" and "working"!!

Baz - Mama Tara- No, her name is mommy. Baz - No, her name is mama. Tara - No, her name is mommy! Etc., Etc., Etc. Nothing like the old debate - is it mama or mommy?

Last week after a fun day of swimming in a large in-the-ground pool with a slide and diving board, Tara told me that "when her pool grew up, it was going to have a big slide like Aunt Nel's pool!" Tara's pool at home is small and plastic with a tiny slide attached. I thought that was sweet because she is always talking about what she will do when she "gets big!"